About us

I was once asked what the definition of a miracle is and my answer to that was, when multiple fine-tuned purposed elements comes together and culminates into an event that is extraordinary. That to me is a miracle…

Having come from a engineering background, I appreciate the technicalities of photography however being a good operator of a camera doesn’t make miracles. It was then I went back to University to study Photography that I found my love for film and started to incorporate it in my craft.

I am truly passionate about film photography in every aspect of photography. It slows me down to appreciate the moment in time and forces me to compose an image with much intent as possible. Film also captures skin tones true to life and reflects what our eye sees in reality, along with the ability to retain highlights (capturing the bright areas) all form a look and feel that I have come to love. The methods of my photography are mostly manual, from selecting the film stock, changing film to developing and scanning the film and then printing a fine art print, the rawness of the craft really reflects in the images I create.

Film is raw, film is timeless and film is my craft - this is my miracle.